Spring and summer events across IU

Apply to be a Digital Gardener Faculty Fellow

Be part of the fall 2022 cohort and work to incorporate digital ways of knowing, doing, and making into your curriculum.

Be one of 35 IU faculty in the Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows Program Fall 2022 cohort and work to incorporate digital ways of knowing, doing, and making into your curriculum. Faculty will build individual skills, develop curriculum materials, and work collaboratively with others across campuses and disciplines.

Fellows will receive a stipend for participation. Open to all full-time faculty, regardless of rank, discipline, or campus (part-time faculty who are full-time IU employees may also apply). Deadline to apply is May 10.

Learn more and apply today.

Teaching Foundations webinar series

For new faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate students, staff with teaching responsibilities, and those looking for a refresher on good teaching practices.

The hour-long webinars typically include presentations interspersed with opportunities for interaction and questions. Grounded in current research, the webinars focus on various foundational teaching practices and provide participants with strategies and resources to make instruction more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. Open to participants on all campuses.

  • May 19: Slide show presentation best practices
  • June 9: Designing transparent assignments
  • June 16: Creating and using rubrics effectively
  • July 27: Designing a learning-centered and equity-minded syllabus
  • August 4: Designing your course for equity and inclusion
  • August 10: Creating your recipe to promote academic integrity

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Teach, Play, Learn conference

The Teach, Play, Learn conference brings together stakeholders interested in exploring how games and play can be effective tools for learning.

The goals of the conference are to:

  • Generate awareness and interest in the changing technologies and pedagogies in the quickly evolving area of educational games and playful learning.
  • Demonstrate benefits of using games as part of classroom education.
  • Showcase practical solutions for the design and implementation of games in the educational context.

This year's keynote speaker will be Dr. Ted Castronova. Learn more on the conference website.

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The events calendar on Teaching.IU is our first-ever centralized teaching and learning calendar. It brings together upcoming events from a range of contributors like IT Training, campus teaching and learning centers, the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET), and Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (DEMA).