In case you missed it

Install statistical, mathematical, and qualitative software at no cost

As of July 1, 2022, certain commonly used statistical, mathematical, and qualitative analysis software will be available for IU students, faculty, and staff to install at no additional cost.

Improve course accessibility by joining the A11y pilot

A11y integrates into Canvas and helps instructors ensure their content is more accessible for all students by generating alternative formats and providing tips to improve Canvas course accessibility.

Google storage changes are coming

Due to price increases from Google, the amount of data IU users can store in Google Drive will be changing at the end of this calendar year. If you are using more than 5 GB, you will need to reduce your Google storage.

The newest supercomputing resources for IU faculty and students

New systems and upgrades to IU supercomputing resources boost computing power and add vast storage and collaboration options. With these capabilities, IU researchers are able to advance their research in ways they never thought possible.

IU has a new bookstore partnership

The Follett ordering process will have a new look and feel but offer a similar experience. If you currently order class materials through IU eTexts, the timelines and procedures all remain the same -- and if you have not tried an IU eText yet, now is the perfect time to switch.

Student email at IU is moving

Starting May 17, 2022, Exchange Online will be the official university email for all IU students. Microsoft’s email comes with advanced cybersecurity protection like Safe Links and Safe Attachments and is built into Microsoft 365 at IU.

Michele Kelmer named IU director of faculty engagement and outreach

In this role, Kelmer will oversee digital education programs and initiatives, IT consultants at the campus centers for teaching and learning, and the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers. Read more about what she has planned in this issue's Taking Note column.

From the LT list: Top 10 Canvas grading and feedback features

Focused on teaching and learning with technology, the LT List is for IU instructors and those who support them—but anyone is welcome to join. Subscribe to the list here.

Several new Canvas features could help with your end-of-semester grading and feedback. I'll start with three of them, then move on to other SpeedGrader and Gradebook features that you might find useful as you try to streamline processes and make things a bit more efficient. 

  1. Enhanced Gradebook filters: Available to turn on in your course settings under Feature Options, these save-able filters give you the ability to search by criteria like ungraded submissions.
  2. New bulk remove users tool: Use this IU-developed tool to remove people added manually to a course section, people added to an ad-hoc section, or people in non-credit courses.
  3. OneDrive Canvas integration: OneDrive files can now be used in several places across Canvas -- Assignments, Modules, Collaborations, and embedded within the Rich Content Editor.


  1. Comment library: Save and reuse common feedback, adding and deleting comments as needed.
  2. Grading without names: If you prefer anonymous grading, you can hide all student identity information until you're done.
  3. Grading one question at a time: Opt to manually grade the same quiz question for every student before moving on to the next question.
  4. Word count: SpeedGrader includes a word count for Text Entry assignments.
  5. Edit submission status: Graders can change the submission status for a student's assignment directly in SpeedGrader. 


  1. Assignment search: You can filter Gradebook by assignment name, showing one assignment or several assignments at a time.
  2. Message students: Want to send messages to your students directly from the Gradebook? You can choose options based on submission criteria.