Think before you click

3. Report

Suspect an email is a phishing scam? Report it before it spreads!

Description of the video:

Animation of a Wolf wearing a sheep costume. The wolf sits at an opened laptop with a paw print logo. He clicks the mouse and laughs.

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A pig, sitting at a laptop with a hoof logo, receives the email. Their eyes open wide.

Message on screen. From: eugene@pork barrel grants dot com. Subject: BRING HOME THE BACON!!!. Dear Student, Feeling stuck in the mud for money to get through school? If so, come to the hog trough to claim your guaranteed one-time grant award! Just use your University login (underlined) to get started. Sincerely, Eugene.

>> Good call.

The cursor moves over the message and stops at the underlined phrase: "Just use your University login." The sender ID, "login dot big bad wolf dot com" pops up.

This email looks suspicious.

The pig uses a cell phone to call the U I T S Support Center.

If a suspected phishing email targets IU in any way, you can contact the UITS support center for help on how to report it.

They will help you get the alert to IU's university information policy office, which can then evaluate the thread and minimize risk for the rest of the IU community.

Outlook users at IU can also get a one-click reporting tool that takes care of reporting the phish to the policy office for you.

At the upper right corner of the pig's screen, a square tile with a fish icon and question mark, and the words, Report Phishing. The pig clicks the icon and it turns red. Download Phishme Reporter at i u ware dot i u dot e d u.

To download this tool, search for PhishMe Reporter on

And to learn more ways to report, visit phishing dot i u dot e d u forward slash report.

While there are several ways to report a suspected phish, contacting UITS support center is a great way to get started.

And if you do accidentally click on a suspected phish, contact the support center right away.

The pig clicks on the underlined phrase, then calls the support center. A collie (dog) wearing a U I T S Support Center tee-shirt answers the phone.

So, feel free to squeal.

Reporting a suspected phishing scam helps protect the entire IU community.

The wolf in a sheep's costume holds a laptop with the words: "Wolfred's Yummy Pig Recipes." He is surrounded by an angry pig, sheep, and chicken.

Find more tips to recognize, rethink and report on (phishing dot i u dot e d u).

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The collie, standing on its hind legs, rushes in and towers over the wolf. He has his paws on his hips and a snarl on his face.

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