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Tracey Birdwell

Director of the Mosaic Initiative at Indiana University

Tracey Birdwell is often asked to suggest readings on active learning topics. In fact, she's asked so often that she crafted not one but two blog posts – one for active learning in general, and one for active learning spaces in specific.

Here's her reading list for exploring active learning literature. For more approaches to active learning, reach out to your campus teaching and learning center.

Here are her recommended readings on leveraging active learning classrooms. For more on the theory and design principles behind IU's Mosaic Initiative, read this journal article.

mosaic.jpg Ultimately, the two most focused and timely information sources are right here at IU. Both the Mosaic Initiative blog and Twitter feed frequently share and highlight work on active learning classrooms.

We turned to Tracey for more on Mosaic influencers: What (or who) are you watching, reading, and following that informs your work on active learning spaces? Below is her shortlist.

Leading Lines, a podcast series


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Journal of Learning Spaces


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Twitter: D. Christopher Brooks


Director of research at EDUCAUSE

Twitter: Adam Finkelstein


Associate director of learning environments at McGill University



Flexible Learning Environments Exchange, an online community.