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Leftwich named new AVP for Learning Technologies

Newly appointed Associate Vice President for Learning Technologies Anne Leftwich has a passion for teaching.

"I come from a family of K-12 teachers," she said. "I started out thinking I would become an elementary school teacher, but during my student teaching, I received a state-wide award for using technology in the classroom and that really spurred on my love of using technology with students."

Read the full announcement here.

Book an instructional design consultation when it works for you

30-, 45-, or 60-minute appointments Monday through Friday 9am-8pm & Weekends 12-8pm

There's another resource available to help you prepare for next semester: The new Instructional Design (ID) Clinic is staffed with experts to help you get started with or level up your online teaching. As always, you can contact your campus teaching and learning center during regular business hours. On nights and weekends, book a virtual appointment with the ID Clinic (seven days a week until 8pm ET).

Learn more here.

Catch Season 2 of the Digital Gardener Initiative (DGI) podcast

Episode 1. Generative AI: A new pillar of digital literacy

While new voices will emerge on the DGI podcast this year, we kick off this new set with the familiar voices of co-hosts Adam Maksl and Paul Cook, who revisit and extend previous conversations exploring generative AI and talking about the need for smart regulation.

Tune in on Spotify.

From the Mosaic Initiative blog: Beyond a Land Acknowledgement

Why universities are creating Indigenous campus spaces

Universities across North America and Australia have seen a recent push to establish cultural spaces for Indigenous students. While it is common for universities to set aside cultural centers as gathering places for students of shared ethnicities and backgrounds, these new spaces are more than merely a dedicated room or house: they are carefully designed to reflect the cultural history and knowledge of the Indigenous peoples on whose traditional lands the universities are built.

Read more, and view or contribute to a shareable list with observations on these spaces.

Apply to become an Extended Reality Initiative (XRI) faculty fellow

XRI Faculty Fellowships are expanding to include more IU campuses this year

The purpose of these fellowships is to introduce extended reality technologies to faculty and inspire integration of these immersive technologies into their courses. This can be done through the development and implementation of a particular Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) assignment, project, or activity during the semester to improve student learning and success.

Learn more and apply here. Proposals are due by January 19, 2024.

From the LT list: End of semester tools and resources

Focused on teaching and learning with technology, the LT List is for IU instructors and those who support them—but anyone is welcome to join. Subscribe to the list here.

Almost there! (We'll avoid the temptation to count down.) With that in mind, I'm going to keep things short and to the point, and link to more in-depth coverage for those who are interested.

End of semester tools and resources

Preparing your Canvas for next semester

  • If you're planning to import a course from a prior term, be sure to use TidyUp first. It can help you find and delete unneeded files and content, and also find and correct broken links.
  • Use the Course Setup Wizard to import content from another course, add a template, or add the IU Home Page. Start the Wizard from the sidebar on your course's Settings page.

New and notable in Learning Technologies

  • The CN Post contract ends on December 31, after which it will no longer be approved for use at IU. InScribe provides a similar social learning environment, and you have several ePortfolio software options.
  • InScribe 2.0 will arrive this spring, providing new features like Canvas roster and grade sync. If both tools exist, choose InScribe 2.0, which preserves and adds to all the benefits and communities from the old version.

Need assistance?

  • As always, your campus teaching and learning center is available to help, whether it's with closing out the semester, preparing for next semester, or exploring new possibilities.
  • The new Instructional Design Clinic, staffed with experts to help you get started with or level up your online teaching, also provides consultations on nights and weekends.