What's next in IU tech tools?

The Next.IU faculty fellowship program kicked off last year with a call to help build tech tools that support student success. Applicants are welcome to use or adapt an existing tool, whether it's already available at IU or not, or to propose building a new solution based on an issue they've encountered.

Three Next.IU fellows now have projects underway, with focuses ranging from student mental health to alternative grading structures to conducting peer evaluations. And each offers an opportunity for other faculty to get involved. Check out what they have planned, and let us know if you'd like to get involved:

Building community and supporting student success in nursing education

Dena Klineline, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, IU Bloomington

Nursing school is stressful and can lead to issues that plague the nursing workforce as a whole—burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression. While the nursing faculty does an excellent job preparing future nurses to take care of patients, evidence-based tools and processes are needed to help prepare students to take care of themselves. Read what Dena Klineline has in mind.

Course Gamification: It’s not just for video game "nerds"

Brenda Bailey-Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington

Even if you've never played a video game in your life, you have to admire the ways in which games captivate the interest of our students and keep them engaged as they learn to play. Imagine students being as thirsty and persistent about learning your course content as they are about games! We can build and adapt our curriculum to include many gaming principles. Read what Brenda Bailey-Hughes has in mind.

Pepper: A built-in peer evaluation platform in Canvas

Logan Paul, Senior Lecturer, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, IU Bloomington

Faculty teaching in team-based courses or courses with groups for project-based learning often incorporate some form of peer evaluation. But the administrative overhead of setup, aggregation, and analysis can be considerable, and that can preclude broader research and analysis (e.g., across courses, semesters, and disciplines). Read what Logan Paul has in mind.

Become a Next.IU Faculty Fellow! 

Are you interested in finding tech solutions that support student success? Do you want to work with IU's instructional technology experts one-on-one?

If you have an innovative idea for using an IU tech tool, want to explore tech not yet available at IU, or are interested in creating something brand new, a Next.IU fellowship could be for you.

The perks: The year-long program is open to full-time faculty from any IU campus. Support is available from UITS to assess, develop, and pilot your idea. And the fellowship includes financial support and incentives to focus on the use of technology in teaching:

  • A $5,000 stipend, which can be split among multiple collaborators
  • Support for software and tool development, plus any financial support needed to purchase technology for the project
  • Personalized instructional technology support

Get started by sharing your idea; we'll work with you on developing a project proposal.