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The Connected Professor

A fresh look at teaching and learning with technology at IU

Winter 2020: New Year's Resolutions

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Photo of Robin Morgan

Make time for professional development

Turning a long-term commitment to student success into evidence-based standards for excellence in teaching.

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Photo of John Gosney

Resolutions you can actually keep

John Gosney, director of faculty engagement and outreach, lays out some attainable opportunities for 2020.

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a Scholars Book Fair event

Get out more

In-person and online events for exploring learning technologies.

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Photo of Ben Motz

Advance student learning

Developing tools that help motivate and sustain students' engagement in learning activities.

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Photo of Madeline Grdina

Design for everyone

UXO's Madeline Grdina shares her go-to sources on Universal Design for Learning.

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a dramatic tornado cloud formation

Keep teaching

Bad weather? Flu outbreak? Power outage? Any of these things might keep you from teaching a face-to-face class. What can you do about it?

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Cartoon image of a wolf in sheep's clothing in front of a laptop.

Think before you click

Phishers mimic trusted senders to trick you into acting quickly. Three videos play on what can happen!

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a sculpture on the IU Southeast campus

In case you missed it

Recent news about teaching and learning with technology

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Photo of Robin Morgan

Winter 2020: New Year's resolutions

Recent news about teaching and learning with technology

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